Other middle and high-school history textbooks lack the qualities that Catholic Textbook Project’s offer These books present all the main themes along with plenty of detail to flesh them out, They are beautifully and clearly presented. Without proselytizing, and without pressing any worldview other than the importance of understanding the past, the book present the material of Catholic history interwoven with other important themes. In fact, they offer more about those important themes than most textbooks do. Teachers and students who use the Catholic Textbook Project series will be happy to know that  in college its readers will know more about history than many of their professors as well as most of their classmates.”
 - Jeffrey Burton Russell, Professor of History, Emeritus, UC, Santa Barbara

"After comparing our current American history textbook with From Sea to Shining Sea, it became clear that the Catholic textbook has a unique perspective that enriches our faith and incites gratitude for those who have gone before us while at the same time teaching the curriculum. Our social studies teacher noted that her students were very interested in the stories and engaged in the discussion when using All Ye Lands and From Sea to Shining Sea, due to the narrative style and the incorporation of our faith."

- Sister Mary Faustina, CK, Head Teacher St. James School, Crete, NE 

“This carefully researched, beautifully written, and elegantly  designed four-volume textbook series at long last gives full weight to the contribution of Roman Catholics across five centuries of North American exploration and settlement.  The saga of France and Spain in this regard is already well known.  These wonderful volumes, however, now bring to light the English-speaking Roman Catholic presence in North America and the contributions of Catholics of many backgrounds to the creation and development of the United States.”   

 -Kevin Starr, University Professor, Professor of History, University of Southern California (USC), California State Librarian Emeritus, USC Medallion 2005, National Humanities Medalist 2006, Centennial Medalist, GSAS Harvard University 2006
"…these books … help us promote our Catholic Identity. The information is well-written and presented in colorful eye-appealing pages that engage the learner.”
 - Maria Christina Buckowski, principal, St Anthony School, San Gabriel, California

“After examining them, the teachers and I concluded unanimously to adopt the textbooks and its instructional support materials at our school for the year 2013-14.”

 - Frederina S. Gullano, principal, Mary Immaculate School, Pacoima, California

After reviewing copies of All Ye Lands and Light to the Nations I, we would love to purchase the books for our students. We especially love the manner in which our Catholic faith is evident throughout the lessons. Our students would most certainly benefit from the textbooks."

- M, Teresa Villareal, principal, Our Lady of Guadalupe School, Los Angeles, California
“We are very pleased with the high standard of content and the integration of the Catholic Faith component into the textbooks…It was a great idea to incorporate what our Church was doing, saying and partaking of during the different periods in history.”
- Edgar  Sedano, principal, Our Lady Help of Christians School, Los Angeles, California

"We have received and reviewed your textbooks. We are very impressed with all of the grade level texts."

 - Theresa Voeltz, principal, Our Lady of Victory Catholic School, Compton, California
“As the new principal this school year, I have been assigned to bring St. Alphonsus School back to a viable Catholic learning environment… The acquisition of the beautiful new social studies series from Catholic Textbook Project would be a blessing and a start on the road to recovery for our school….
“We just received our beautiful new Social Studies textbooks and are opening the boxes now. Our office manager, Carmen, and our 8th grade teacher Mrs. Sanchez actually began to cry tears of joy.” 
-Joe Sera, Jr., principal, St. Alphonsus Catholic School, Los Angeles
“Our students are thrilled with the new Social Studies books…”
 - Sister Marita Olango, FDZ, Principal, St. Elisabeth School, California
“We have reviewed the series and look forward to using these wonderful new textbooks that bring a fresh, Catholic perspective!
 - Thomas A. Ambriz, MA, MBA, principal, St Ferdinand Catholic School, San Fernando, California
 “I wish you could have seen the reactions by the teachers to your textbook samples. There was such joy in their faces when they saw the way the books were formatted and the accompanying materials (CD, teacher workbook). I knew I would be a villain if I exposed them to your books and was unable to secure them for their students. Thank you so much for having a product worth fighting to share with our students and staff…”
-Monica M. Lomenzo, St. Gertrude the Great, Bell Gardens, California

“We are speechless here at Saint Sebastian School! We loved the materials.. The books are fabulous and we are more than excited to get them into our students’ hands.”
- Dr. Kristine Vardanyan, principal, St. Sebastian School, Los Angeles, California

"I  have always been impressed with your books but I am overwhelmed by the Teacher’s Manuals. They are the best I have ever seen. I find most teacher’s manuals to be filled with unnecessary tactics, etc. and, personally, have used them only as answer keys. You are giving parents a wealth of information that will aid them in teaching the material in the books."
- Dianne Muth, Academic Advisor, Kolbe Academy, California

" I had the pleasure of being able to look through All Ye Lands and Light to the Nations I, back in 2013… My only regret would be not buying the books sooner and using them for the 2013-14 school year.  However, I am definitely using All Ye Lands for my son’s world geography requirement this year and we will be using Light to the Nations I and II nd Lands of Hope and Promise for world history and American history and government in the coming high school years.
- Joy Foster, Indiana

"My oldest has completed Light to the Nations I & II. My 5th-grader will be using From Sea to Shining Sea this upcoming year. We liked them so much that we have purchased the whole series. I am very pleased to see workbooks for the texts now. Great Catholic textbooks! Keep up the good work!"
Laura G. 

"I am so pleased to have met you and see what you are doing for the sake of all of us, and truth. I had no idea that Catholic schools have – or rather had – no reliable options for textbooks options. It is no wonder we continually hear and read falsehoods in the news and in our conversations, since our population is so ill-educated. But now we have Catholic Textbook Project. I know that pulling together the content and images alone was Herculean. Now, I wish you tons of good luck putting your work to work!"

- Lee N.

"Wonderful. … Finally a good, Catholic high school level American History text!

Debbie Rackers, Missouri

"The Catholic Textbook Project is a gift to Catholic students across the United States.  These history textbooks offer students the richness of the accomplishments and challenges which have faced our country from its inception, and those which have affected the history of the world .  The textbooks  portray events from a factual, historical and, most importantly, Catholic perspective. The quality of scholarship and the use of noted authors and expert consultants, introduce the student to primary and verified sources of recorded history in a refreshingly coherent and appealing way. 

 The importance of an historical perspective that is written with unapologetic truth in an academic format is of great significance for the classrooms of our Catholic schools.  It is gratifying to know that such a textbook series exists, and continues to publish the editions which will serve all the elementary and high school levels.  

It is worthy of daily use by all and especially by Catholic teachers and students. I wholeheartedly endorse the Catholic Textbook Project for the Diocese of Lincoln and recommend it to dioceses across the country. "
—Most Reverend James Conley, Bishop of Lincoln


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